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XML conference links:http://www.infotek.no, http://www.infoloom.com, www.step.pl - topic maps - example: key="ISO3166_A2"
www.anaya.es - Global Repository: Universal Databases versus the Web
www.it.uc3m.es - Using XML in a Teleeducational Tool
http://arcoiris.act.uji.es, www.imapper.com - Cartographic Data Applications
www.medicaldataservice.de, www.keele.ac.uk/depts/rjah/sgml/sgml.htm, www.graphnet.co.uk - Practical use of XML in Healthcare applications

EAMT entry points
www.let.kun.nl/english.html www.ldc.upenn.edu
www.promt.ru (MT is used also by www.softissimo.com)
www.translation-experts.com (NeuroTran)
www.cordis.lu/ist/ & www.linglink.lu/hlt/ <- official addresses to EAMT

A dál
www.cvut.cz, www.mff.cuni.cz, www.cuni.cz, www.uniba.sk, www.tuke.sk, www.stk.cz, savba.savba.sk, cz www.ibot.cas.cz, SIS: www.usiscr.cz,
www.adam.cz, www.group.des
mapy: www.esri.com, www.USGS.gov, lingscape.com, www.muni.cz
OttovaEnc:www.aion, dkoutnik@skybus.com || cavalier@skybus.com, www.globalization.com/uk/amptran.htm, www.eurolang.fr www.atril.com
Translation Manager (IBM):, www.trados.com www.star.spb.ru/welcome.htm, www.star-ag.ch
www.starglobe.com.sg, www.microsoft.com/globaldev/welcome.htm, wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/foldoc.cgi?Multics+Relational+Data+Store - heslo databaze, nebo jine.
"http://linux.online.com.ua/l-master_98/" or "http://www.trident.com.ua/"
WinBase602 for Linux, WordPerfect for Linux

// http://www.bohemiainteractive.cz
// http://www.zima-software.cz
// http://pi1093.kub.nl/~zavrel/
// http://metalab.unc.edu/webster/
// http://www.emich.edu/~linguist/  - jobs
// http://www.webgain.com/Products/Studio/WebGain_Studio.htm
// http://dictionare.comNew home for Romanian Dictionaries Site
// http://content.sciencewise.com/corporate/newsroom/pr091300.htm user=premek, password=1840184
// http://www.transref.org/default.asp?s=nl2
// http://www.iarchitect.com/mdesign.htm
// http://www.webforia.com  username: premek, password: 01840184
// SENSEVAL - Adam Kilgarriff - Soutez systemu na Word Sense Disambiguation
// Ontobroker
// http://ilk.kub.nl/~ilk/papers/ilk0001.ps.gz + http://ilk.kub.nl/
// http://www.comsoc.org/pubs/jrnal/
// http://www.comsoc.org/pubs/index.html

// www.isysusa.com
// www.merlin.cz
// www.intertran.com, www.languageforce.com, www.ibm.com/developer/mt/
// www.xmission.com/~icvm/
// www.xmlglobal.com
// Content management
// ftp.ntnu.no/store/store/stash/libghttp/src-10.7-local/...
// www.linuxgazette.com/issue33/ayers1.html: WordNet and similar data sources
// www.cs.umbc.edu/kse/
// www.ics.uci.edu/~mlearn/MLOther.html
// www.nlp.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/ - turkish
// www.skik.cz - demo
// www.logos-usa.com
// external.nj.nec.com/homepages/flake/nodelib/html/
// www.oz.cz
// www.uspto.gov/teas/index.html//
// www.answerlogic.com./car_language.html
// www.mozquito.org
// www.superlanguage.com
// www.britannica.com
// www.xerox.com/
// www.inxight.com/
// www.dmoz.com  - Open Directory
// www.amsoft.cz/ - lokalizace PDF/CZ
// www.sultry.arts.usyd.edu.au/links/statnlp.html
// www.sil.org/computing/comp-morph-phon.html
// www.cis.upenn.edu/~adwait/statnlp.html
// www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Ridge/6444/wc.html
// www.verisign.com - diderot
// www.isi.edu/natural-language/nlp-at-isi.html
// www.nyu.edu/pages/linguistics/ling.html

lsa.colorado.edu/                                                                                                 - LSA
superbook.bellcore.com/~remde/lsi/                                                                  - LSI
research.microsoft.com/people/                                                                         - Dumais, Susan T.
www-ai.cs.uni-dortmund.de/DOKIMENTE/Joachims_97a.ps.gz            - Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
www.netlib.org/lapack/lug/node22.html                                                             - LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package)
www.cs.utk.edu/~berry/lsi++/                                                                   - complete documentation
nr.harvard.edu/nr/bookc.html                                                                            - Numerical Recipies in C
beta.ul.cs.cmu.edu/webRoot/Books/Numerical_Recipes/bookcpdf/c2-6.pdf  - Numerical Recipies in C

www.ee.umd.edu/medlab/mlir/                                                                            - cross-language retrieval
www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Archive/Software/FreeDB/FreeDB.list.html              - free databases

=================== Ideas =========================================================
SVMs: Vapnik, V., The Nature of Statistical Learning Theory, Springer-Verlag, 1995. - see at svm.cs.rhbnc.ac.uk
MT:   Kluwer Academic Publishers: Rosetta: Compositional Translation
MT:   WordNet - demos.anu.edu.au/jason/thesis/thesis/WWW/node35.html
DDM:  www.cs.bris.ac.uk/Research/DDM/ - Data Diffusion Machine (a virtual shared memory architecture)
Greyfiles: greywww.kub.nl:2080/greyfiles/center/ctr_py_1994.html, ISO 639, ISO 3166 - languages & sublanguages

====== List of documents studied: ===============================================
plato_annote.html    LSA A Solution to Plato's Problem

Cikm98.doc              SVM Inductive Learning Algorithms and Representations for Text Categorization
Lexic_db.doc            DIC Determining Similarity and Inferring Relations in a Lexical Knowledge Base
Wordsegm.doc         Word Segmentation In Sentence Analysis (MIcrosoft, demo exists, about Chinese)

C2-6.pdf                    SVD Singular value decomposition (from Numerical Recipies in ‘C’)
categories.pdf           x LSA Approaches to Categorization
cogsci97.pdf              LSI  x How Well Can Passage Meaning Be Derived Without Using Word Order? (LSI)
dp1_LSAintro.pdf     SVD An Introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis (contains formulae)
dp2_foltz.pdf             LSA The Measurement of Textual Coherence with Latent Semantic Analysis
dp2_wolfe.pdf           x Learning from text: Matching readers and texts by Latent Semantic Analysis
dp3_rehder.pdf        SVD Using Latent Semantic Analysis to assess knowledge
JASIS_lsi_90.pdf     SVD Indexing by Latent Semantic Analysis (contains formulae)
nips.pdf                    SVD Learning Human-like Knowledge by Singular Value Decomposition: A Progress Report (contains formulae)
soto1.pdf                  LSA Learning and Performing by Exploration: Label Quality Measured by LSA

Aw.ps                x Inferring Informational Goals from Free Text Queries: A Bayesian Approach
Datamine.ps     SVM Mathematical Programming for Data Minning
Irreg9~1.ps       SVD Information Filtering Using the Riemannian SVD
Junkfi~1.ps       x A Bayesian Approach to Filtering Junk E-Mail
Lsi_per.ps         SVD On Matrices with Low-Rank-Plus-Shift Structure: Partial SVD and LSI
Lsi_su~1.ps       SVD A Subspace Based Model for Information Retrieval with Applications in LSI
Postsc~1.ps       SVD A Semi-Discrete Matrix Decomposition for LSI (contains formulae)
Postsc~2.ps       SVD LSI via a Semi-Discrete Matrix Decomposition
Witter~1.ps       SVD Downdating the LSI Model for Information Retrieval (contains formulae)
Jjiang~1.ps        LSI Using LSI for Data Mining (contains formulae)
Ladha_ps.ps     SDD and SVD Evaluation of a PC-based LSI Search Engine
Letsch~1.ps      LSI Towards Large Scale Information Retrieval Using LSI (contains formulae)
Ut1558~1.ps     LSI Cross-Language Information Retrieval using LSI (contains formulae)
Ut-cs-~1.ps       Using Linear Algebra for Inteligent Information Retrieval
Ut-cs-~2.ps       XLSI - A GUI for a Conceptual System
Ut-cs-~3.ps       Low Rank Orthogonal Decompositions for Information Retrieval Applications
Ut-cs-~4.ps       Information Management Tools for Updating an SVD-Encoded Indexing Scheme

Coling~1.ps                      An architecture for a universal lexicon
Coling~2.ps                      Role of word sense disambiguation in lexical aquisition; predicting semantics from syntactic cues
IJCAI9~1.ps                    Selecting Tense, Aspect, and Connecting Words in Language Generation
JACL94.ps                       Machine Translation Divergences: A Formal Description and Proposed Solution
JMT92.ps                         The Use of Lexical Semantics in Interlingual Machine Translation
JMT95a.ps                       From Syntactic Encodings to Thematic Roles: Building Lexical Entries for MT
Jones9~1.ps                      Predicting Semantics from Syntactic Cues  - An Evaluation of Levin’s English Verb Classes and Alternations
Kr-94.ps                            Concept Based Lexical Selection
Pb-nlp.ps                           A Principle-Based Approach to Building Large-Scale NLP Applications
Rosetta.ps                        Compositional Translation
Siglex~1.ps                       Aquisition of Semantic Lexicons: Using Word Sence Diambiguation to Improve Precision

Peter W. Flotz: Interlingual Text Retrieval and Processing without Translation: Applications of Latent Semantic Indexing

amlap-paper_ps.ps           lexical categories
cc-dom-draft.ps                Primitive C-command (syntactic trees)
cki-scriptie_tree_ps.ps    Lexical Space
DissLars2_ps.ps              Human Sentence processing - A Semantic-Oriented Parsing Approach
esslli.ps                            lexical subcategories
gala2-t_ps                        The Language Environment and Syntactic Word-Class Aquisition
naic.ps                              lexical subcategories
teinach_ps.ps                  lexical semantics
zavrel_scriptie_ps           Neural Information Retrieval
acl99.ps                            Memory Based Morphological Analysis
ilk.9908.ps                        Cascaded Grammatical Relation Assignment
wonderland.ps                  Rapid Development of NLP Modules with Memory-Based Learning